Grassmarket Chats: September – November 2019

Our Science Chats @ Grassmarket is back for another season! We are hosting our weekly events throughout September, October and November 2019.

Our group is growing, with more Grassmarket members coming for each session.

Our members are keen to hear speakers with expertise in lots of different areas, with a few particular requests. Do you research space travel or astrobiology? Or how about the gut microbiome and cancer research? Maybe your research even looks into the future of food, such as lab-grown ‘meat’ or insects as a source of protein

We are holding a Researcher Workshop on 2nd September for anyone interested in becoming a speaker. Find more information on the Facebook event now or send us an email to find out how you can get involved now.

The Grassmarket project is a place for the community of people in Edinburgh to come together and do all sorts of activities – anyone can become a member and they offer sessions that include woodworking classes, cooking classes and, now, science discussions too. These are weekly informal chats to give a space for people to learn a bit about research that wouldn’t normally have access to it.

As scientists we take it for granted that we can chat about science and ask questions but it’s quite a unique opportunity for many people. We hope you’ll enjoy meeting new people at the session and sharing your science in a new environment!

Visit the Grassmarket Community Project website here for more information.

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