InterSci’s ChatSci series provides a chance for people to chat about science, with the aim of encouraging collaboration and conversation.

ChatSci Series 8 will be taking place from 22 April – 3 June every other Monday. At each event, two scientists discuss their work or something they find interesting in science. The conversations are accessible to all and are directed at non-specialists. (We have “Jargon!” flags to keep on top of this!) The general format is that speakers start with an overview of themselves and their topic of conversation, and then the audience begins the discussion, usually with a drink in hand!

If you’re interested in science or learning about topics outside of your area of expertise, come along for a drink and a chat and bring your friends!

All our events take place at 6:30pm in various venues on the Edinburgh University Campus. Visit the Facebook event page, our main social media channels or the ‘Meet the Scientists‘ page for ChatSci Series 8 each week for venue confirmation.

Find out about our upcoming events on our Facebook page or head over to our Eventbrite and book yourself a wee spot.

Find out more about our previous speakers here.

If you are interested in speaking at one of our events, please see our guide for speakers and application form here.

If you missed previous series of ChatSci, don’t worry! Check out the photos from a previous series, meet the speakers or check out our review of a previous series.