Series 2 – Meet the Scientists

InterSci’s Ask a Scientist events have been lucky enough to host a diverse group of scientists with fascinating stories! In case you missed any of them, we’ve collected some of their stories and anecdotes, so you can read about them right here. Click on the links below to find out more about each scientist.

Katrina Gospodi:katerina.JPG

Katerina is a final year PhD student in molecular psychiatry at IGMM, Edinburgh University. She took part in Scottish Mental Health Art Festival 2017 as a reporter for the Talking Heads project. Katerina believes that art and science can work hand in hand to raise awareness and fight the  preconceptions surrounding mental illness. Follow her on Twitter at @KaterinaGospodi.


Adam Anyszewski:Hyperloop.JPG

Adam is a 5th year Electrical and Mechanical student and has been involved with HYPED for past two years. The group works on Hyperloop – a system of capsules travelling in near-vacuum tubes at speeds around 650 mph. HYPED are finalists of SpaceX design competition and winners of Hyperloop One Global Challenge.

Thane.JPGThane Campbell:

Thane is an immunology researcher and entrepreneurial guru. His passion to see science grow technology developed through his work with PROTEUS, an interdisciplinary research group that’s lighting up the lung to detect disease. This led him to venture-building wolves, Deep Science Ventures, where Thane caught sight of the communion between lab science and start-ups, fuelling his excitement for technology creation.


Panos Giannopoulos:

After graduating medical school in Greece, Panos worked as a Special Registrar in internal medicine, neurology and clinical oncology. While seeking answers on how the brain works, Panos undertook an MSc in Neuroscience then moved to the UK in 2010 to join Health Education Thames Valley to train in Psychiatry. After completing ST5 (Adult and Older Adults Psychiatry), Panos was awarded a PsySTAR (Psychiatry: Scottish Training in Academic Research) fellowship and moved to Edinburgh to undertake his PhD.

Adeel Shafi.JPGAdeel Shafi:

During his PhD, a mesh of physics and biology, Adeel has been exposed to the potential of interdisciplinary science to advance healthcare. His project involves developing microbubbles which can be used to improve diagnosis of disease and drug-delivery. Through his work, Adeel has become passionate about getting science and technology out to the ‘real world’ to solve ‘real world’ problems. He believes entrepreneurship is the future for advancing healthcare and improving quality of life across the globe.

Katie Ember.JPGKatie Ember:

Katie is a third year PhD student on the OPTIMA programme working across four departments. She’s researching laser light as a way of detecting liver damage. This can be used to check whether a donated liver is healthy enough to be transplanted into a patient to give them a second chance at life. She believes the classical boundaries of physics, chemistry and biology are outdated and the grey areas between them are where the most exciting science is happening. Outside her PhD, Katie enjoys playing sport, science writing and travelling.