Series 3 – Meet the Scientists

19 February

IMG_20180216_193157_477 (1).jpgPaul Cowling

Paul is a chemistry PhD student working in the Bradley group at the University of Edinburgh. He received his undergraduate integrated masters in biochemistry from the University of Leeds. His current project focuses on developing firecracker probes for dynamic lung cancer imaging. To do this, he is coupling catalytic metals to biological targeting agents such as antibodies.



Aurélie Fontan

Aurélie is a final year Fashion design student at the Edinburgh College of Art. For her Graduate Collection, she is working with bio-textiles to promote a more ethical and sustainable fashion model. Inspired by science processes and research, she partners with the ASCUS Art&Science Lab to elaborate interdisciplinary concepts and designs.


5 March


Milda Lebedyté

Milda is a Chemistry student and Fashion Revolution Student Ambassador for Edinburgh. She explores the links between art and science, most recently through organising R Sustainable Fashion Show, RSFS, and work with ASCUS. Her most recent collection, ‘Intrude’, is based on her experience in geology. The collection symbolises crystal-like formations that intrude into rocks during their recycling in the Earth’s surface.


Chiara Herzog

Chiara is a PhD student at the Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences in Edinburgh. Chiara investigates how brain repair can be achieved, and how secondary damage following injuries can be ameliorated. Chiara mainly employs live microscopy (microscopy in living animals) to study what is going on after brain injuries. She also spent two months at the Ludwig Maximilian’s Universitaet in Munich to learn advanced microscopy techniques.

19 March

Ryan Williams is a patent expert and entrepreneur developing flat-pack houses and Emmanouil Solomonidis is a PhD student in blood vessel regeneration.